Aamira (Martinez) makes Melody's naiveté and cuteness seem wholly authentic.”

(Martinez) has such palpable chemistry with Robbie Tann as Brad.”

Adrienne Urbanski, Theater Is Easy
Be A Good Little Widow — Bekah Brunstetter


Aamira is a Cuban-American Actress based in New York City. She is a graduate of the William Esper Studio Two Year Acting Conservatory Program and has continued her studies at Maggie Flanigan Studio, Terry Knickerbocker Studio and with Bob Krakower.

Aamira will be appearing in USA's new hit show "The Sinner" this fall and in the indie film "The Kindergarten Teacher", starring Maggie Gyllenhaal. Aamira has also appeared in the national commercial campaign for NFL Shop, "Football is Family" and in Casting Call | The Project *Winner of the Award of Merit: Women Filmmakers award at the IndieFest Film Awards.

(Martinez) and Holliday are incredible, and give beautifully believable, finely calibrated performances. They will both break your heart.”
Lisa Del Rosso, One Magazine
Be A Good Little Widow — Bekah Brunstetter

Aamira (Martinez) is very capable of negotiating the emotional curves demanded of her by the playwright.”
Susan Hasho, Theater Pizzazz
Be A Good Little Widow — Bekah Brunstetter


“I especially liked the work of Ms. Martinez … showing emotional depths that seemed to peel like layers of onions. Suzanna Bowling - Times Square Chronicles
The Talking Cure — Sean Grover


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(Martinez)'s Melody is barely holding it together even before her husband's death: a flighty, slightly lost young woman, wondering how she got here, in this town, married to this man.
Olivia Jane Smith, New York Theater Review
Be A Good Little Widow — Bekah Brunstetter